Coming Soon... These videos will show you how to use your Scope Phone Adapters to mount your smartphone to your scope.


Scope Phone Adapter Instructions

Step 1

Connect the phone clamp and the inside tube by the threads.

Step 2

Attach the phone and the adapter together. Align the phone’s camera lens with the small hole in the adapter. Hold the phone firmly between the clamps as you tighten the knob. Make sure center of the camera and center of the hole is aligned.

**Note: It is recommended that you put your phone in a shock proof case before clamping it into the adapter.

Step 3

Insert the outer tube over your scope's eyepiece. Tighten the white plastic screws down onto your scope to make the axis of the mount and the axis of the scope aligned. It is best to do this with your phone turned on so you can be sure that cross-hairs are aligned. 

Step 4

Once your phone is securely fastened to the scope by the adapter, you can adjust the eye relief by loosening the silver metal screw and moving the tube in or out until it is adjusted correctly to accommodate your phone/scope combination. Then re-tighten the metal screw to hold it in place. You then have the option to zoom in with your phone's zooming capabilities if that is available.

Step 5

Do a final check to make sure everything is good and tight.  Check that the phone is securely held on the scope. If the edge of the image is blurry, readjust the white screws so the camera is centered through the scope. If you have further problems, it may be that the camera does not coincide with the hole of the adapter in step #2.

Tighten all the screws to hold it securely onto the scope.