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Spencer townsend family
Outdoorsman & Entrepreneur

Spencer Townsend

Spencer was born and raised in Salt Lake County, Utah, where he developed a love for the outdoors, skiing, and the local landscape. He started working at a young age, delivering newspapers for his first job and later starting a DJ business in high school. After graduating from Copper Hills High School, he studied construction management and began building residential homes. In addition to this, Spencer has run several other successful businesses, including a tree trimming and removal company and a rain gutter compqny. He attributes his success to his "good common sense" and has a knack for starting and running small service-based businesses.

Mike butler fishing
Tennessee Roots

Mike Butler

Mike was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up with a love for horses and the natural world. He completed high school in Washington, UT and went on to earn a BS degree in environmental science. With his background and appreciation for the outdoors, he has a natural talent for creating outdoor living spaces that people can enjoy.

When Mike was 10 years old, he moved to Utah and lived on a large lot. He had mentors who taught him how to work and care for the land, and it was during this time that he met Spencer, who was his backyard neighbor. Mike and Spencer quickly formed a lifelong friendship through their shared interests in playing baseball, being outdoors, and riding bubble tire three-wheelers. In his free time, Mike enjoys coaching baseball, hunting, and fishing.