Not everyone ventures into the wild for hunting. Most people want to experience and capture the natural beauty around them during an outdoor adventure. It’s the best way to bring home the memories of what you experienced. That’s where a good-quality scope phone adapter comes in.

A scope phone adapter is a small piece of digital equipment that lets you capture pictures of distant objects and wildlife. At SnakeLook, you can choose from two premium-quality phone scope mounts.

Let’s learn more about these two adapters.

Next Gen Phone Scope Adapters from SnakeLook

SnakeLook offers two variants of scope phone adapters with distinct features. You can use both models to take pictures of your target. Let’s check out the best features of each adapter and how to use them.

A. Scope Phone Adapter

This adapter is one of the best optics for hunting featured on our website. The SnakeLook spotting scope phone adapter is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists both. It is a pocket-friendly device guaranteed to elevate your outdoor experience. It snuggly fits many smartphones on the market.

1. Outstanding Features of SnakeLook Phone Scope Adapter

Like all our products, this scope phone adapter comes with a few unique features. It’s hard to find products with similar features on the market, especially at the given price point.

These incredible features include the following.

  • This SnakeLook spotting scope phone adapter fits a wide range of scopes. Whether you have a Vortex or an Athlon scope, you can use this adapter with virtually any make and model. To be precise, it fits eyepiece ocular ranging from 37mm - 45.5mm (1.46 - 1.79 inches) in outer diameter.
  • Likewise, this phone scope for hunting can fit most leading smartphones with or without a case. Whether you have the latest iPhone or Android phone, you can use this adapter to capture outdoor experiences. (It is 58mm - 100mm or 2.28" - 3.93" in width.)
  • It offers excellent scratch resistance. It is made of durable aluminum with an anodised black treatment. In short, it can survive in the outdoor environment.
  • The scope phone adapter comes with strong PA plastic M5x8 screws (usually six or nine pieces). These plastic screws will not scratch your scope.
  • The surface connecting with the smartphone comes with a soft foam material. It protects your smartphone from scratches and other damage.
  • You can position your phone vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference and scope style.

2. Built to Last

At SnakeLook, we believe in selling durable products at a reasonable price point. Our cell phone scope adapter is no exception. It is made from long-lasting aluminum. The evenly layered anodized black treatment provides additional scratch resistance. And it comes with strong PA plastic M5x8 screws, which will not scratch your scope.

With the SnakeLook adapter, you can take photos and videos of the target via your scope. However, this scope phone adapter has a slightly different mounting system than the Gen 2 scope adapter.

It may take some time to align your phone with the scope mount. But once it's on, you will experience a view like never before. Also, we recommend keeping your phone in a shockproof case for added protection. It is a must-have in your hunting or outdoor gear. You can order it online with just a few clicks.

B. Universal Scope Phone Adapter - GEN 2

Another high-quality product from SnakeLook, our Gen 2 scope phone adapter, is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. It is bound to provide you with an enhanced outdoor experience. You can take photos and videos of the target via your scope using our universal gen2 cell phone scope adapter.

1. Outstanding Features of Universal Scope Phone Adapter - Gen 2

The all-new design of our Universal Scope Phone Adapter - Gen 2 comes with several unique features. This cell phone scope adapter makes it easy to film your outdoor experience.

Here are a few undeniable features of our Gen 2 universal phone scope adapter.

  • As the name suggests, this is a 100% universal phone scope adapter. You can use it with virtually any smartphone.
  • It also comes with a more rugged design. It offers a stylish look while capturing your outdoor experience.
  • It can fit any 2"-4" wide smartphone (or every model currently available).
  • It snugly fits any Scope with an eyepiece of 37mm-46mm diameter. 
  • But most importantly, this phone scope mount automatically centers on the eyepiece. It is faster and easier to attach than the previous model.
  • Finally, it comes with three compression fittings for different scope sizes.

2. Built to Last

Our Gen 2 scope phone adapter is also built to last. It is made with long-lasting, high-quality aluminum. The evenly layered anodized black treatment protects it from potential scratches.

3. Flexible Positioning

Another advantage of buying this scope phone adapter is positioning. You can position it any way you like, vertically or horizontally. Moreover, the surface connecting to the cellphone comes with soft foam. It protects your smartphone from damage. We also recommend keeping your phone in a hard case for enhanced protection.

4. Easy to Use

With this Gen 2 cell phone scope adapter, you can film what your scope sees! But more importantly, you can use this device to train youth or special needs outdoor explorers. It's probably the best tool to train young minds in the fundamentals of shooting.

And the best part is you can order this scope phone adapter with just a few clicks. All you have to do is visit our online shop.

Wrap Up

You want your every outdoor experience to be memorable. But it would be great if you could capture the natural beauty every time you step out into the wild. That's precisely what our range of scope phone adapters can offer. With these adapters, you can easily capture birds, animals, and other natural beauty using your smartphone. Try these scope adapters now.

Check out our online shop for scope adapters and other outdoor merchandise. Feel free to contact us for details.

March 20, 2023 — Mike Butler