Let’s face it, hunting is hard. Besides the uncompromising terrain, harsh weather, and evasive prey, you also have to deal with a ton of physical challenges. In this regard, every single enhancement you make can give you an edge in the chase.

That’s where hunting bipods come in. Equipped with a dual axis of motion, these shooting aids have been around for a long time, enabling hunters to aim for the prone or rested position hassle-free.

But if you’re new to the game, you’re probably wondering why you should use a bipod for hunting at all. We’ve got answers for you.

Reasons to Invest in a Bipod for Your Rifle

Choosing the right rifle support system can make a world of difference to your hunting performance. Here are a few benefits to getting a high-quality bipod for your rifle.

1. Better Accuracy

First things first, hunting bipods provide better stability while shooting, meaning your rifle won’t wobble when you’re aiming at your target. You’ll also be able to place it comfortably instead of putting your elbow on the ground or pressing the rifle against your shoulder in the standing position.

Shooting without rifle support is bad because your hands might shake when you pull the trigger. This, in turn, can cause you to miss your target or fire multiple follow-up shots. But with a bipod sticks, you will be able to stabilize your aim and improve your chances of getting a hit in.

Additionally, many types of hunting, especially those deep in the backcountry, are executed a great distance away from the target. By using a bipod, you can enjoy far greater accuracy than you would with just your arm muscles.

2. Improved Spontaneity

Picture this, you’re walking across a stand of aspen trees when a deer crosses your path out of nowhere. You might not find a solid log or rock to rest your rifle and take the shot in time. So, what do you do?

Use a bipod, of course!

Most hunters prefer firing in the prone position, partially due to the amount of accuracy it offers. Using a bipod makes this infinitely easier. All you need to do is unfold it, prop up your rifle, and take the shot anytime, anywhere. It’s as convenient as it gets.

Don’t let your shot run away while you’re still setting up your gun. Use a bipod for a hunting rifle to shoot at your prey the moment it appears.

3. Reduce Non-Killing Shots

Even if you can fire your shot before the deer/bear/elk realizes your intentions, there’s a good chance you won’t kill it in the chaos of trying to get your gun up and aimed. The result? A wounding shot that will only increase their suffering- and yours.

But by using a hunting bipod, you can keep your rifle in position all the time and increase your killing shots by a ton. It’s a lot better than chasing a wild game over the hills and through the woods.

4. Increased Maneuverability

There will be times when you’ll need to assume one of the four different shooting positions, whether it’s standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone.

  • Prone: In this position, you get down on your stomach, plant your dominant elbow, put your gunstock to your cheek, and dig your other elbow in the dirt. It’s the most accurate of the four shooting positions.
  • Sitting: Here’s where you sit cross-legged with your elbows on your knees for better stability.
  • Kneeling: While kneeling is not as stable as its other counterparts, it can still help you out in a pinch. Prop your dominant knee as high as possible and place your elbow on it. Be sure to maintain your posture and breathing throughout.
  • Standing: With no support other than muscle strength, this is the most difficult position for accurate shooting. However, it’s quick and offers the best visibility, especially in dense cover.

Changing positions with an unsupported rifle can compromise your accuracy, meaning you need something to keep your rifle steady as your maneuver it. That’s exactly what a hunting bipod does.

5. Greater Convenience

Imagine receiving an urgent call from home when you’ve just settled into your shooting position. It’s a nightmare! However, a bipod for hunting rifle lets you maintain your aim while you swap out your magazine or grab a quick bite to eat. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing your aim again.

6. Better Support

Believe it or not, rifles are heavy. An average full-size, bolt-action hunting rifle weighs around eight to nine pounds. Although that might not sound like much on paper, it’s still quite challenging to lug it around on your shoulder.

Because increased fatigue can affect your focus, you can use a bipod for hunting to offset the rifle’s weight with ease. Not only will this relieve you, but also improve your alertness and performance.

7. Suitable for Open Country

Love open country hunting? You need a bipod for your hunting rifle. It’s perfect for the spot-and-stalk hunter putting long hours into the game and patiently closing the gap on wary prey. These bipods act as benchmarks to help you fire your gun. A good bipod can turn even mediocre shooters into ace marksmen, no questions asked.

The Bottom Line

Underutilized, underappreciated, and overly handy, a hunting bipod can help improve your ground game- and put more meat in the freezer. Hopefully, this post has given you some much-needed insight into how bipods can enhance your hunting game. Remember, hunting is difficult enough. It only makes sense to do whatever you can to gain an advantage.

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March 27, 2023 — Mike Butler